Prepping, how do I get people to understand?

How do I get people to understand and begin prepping? This is the million dollar question. As a prepper it will be one of the hardest things. The more you prepp the more people you will find that think like you. Not everyone will ‘get it’. You must find a tactic that works but it will not work for all. If you are speaking to someone that dosen’t really watch the news or keep up with economic problems. You can appeal to their green side, using solar power, planting an organic garden or learning skills to protect the environment. DO NOT start the conversation with government take over, polar shift or emp (electro magnetic pulse). Even if you think there is a strong possibility of goverment take over you will scare people off. they will think of Timothy McVeigh. Instead just plant a seed and see if it will grow in them. You may say something like, “Have you heard of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) That sounds scary“. Leave it there, don’t force the issue. Hopefully they will search the NDAA and come back to you and tell you all about what they have found. If they say nothing about it, ask them, “have you looked up the NDAA“? If they say “no”. leave it there. Allow people to find the info on there own. If you force it, some may jump to the conclusion that you have an agenda. 


When ever talking to someone first know the facts. Have the facts to back you up. If your facts can not be confirmed do not use it. If something you talked about is found to be untrue then everything you said before will be viewed as un-creditable. Even if you are 100% correct on everything else. I, like most people are sceptics and want to find the truth ourselves. You may believe that the government has FEMA camps and you’ve seen the pictures. I wouldn’t use the FEMA camps to prove my point. You can talk about the internment camps they had during the 2nd world war and ask ‘do you think this could ever happen again in this country’. Let them water that seed you planted.

I would like everyone to be self reliant but I know that is asking too much. There are people that will never be self reliant and despise you for suggesting it. Not all will except your conclusion, go to the next person. You can not lead some horses. Just remember no one has all the answers and no one can say for sure when or what is coming.

Start talking to people about emergencies that most have lived through, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, loss of job or terrerist attack. Try to build your community. Find what you and/or community is lacking and build it up. We all have it in us to survive, so do it. Support one another and live for today but prepp for tomorrow.


~ by preppernation on March 27, 2012.

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