9mm, 40 or 45 caliber

Let me start off by saying that my choice of pistol calibers have changed over the years. 12 years ago when I became a ccw permit holder I only had a full size 1911. I remember it well, July 2000 I went down to my local sporting goods store and signed up for the ccw class. That same day I bought 200 rounds of 230 grain fmj. I went over to my wife’s family farm and started practicing. I have always loved to shoot and never ignored an excuse to go throw some lead. I had owned my 1911 since 96 when I first got out of the U.S. Navy. I was honorably discharged 07/08/96  I went down to a gun store one town over from where I lived and asked if they had any 1911’s? No was the answer “we have Berettas and Glocks”. I always liked the Beretta since lethal weapon came out and the Glocks looked like black blocks to me but I had my mind-set on a 1911. I was told the gun show is coming up in august and there would be a plethora of 1911’s out there. For the next 2 months I had Colt’s 1911 on the brain.  The day came I went down to the gun show and the first booth i came to I asked if he a colt 1911. yes he said we walked around to the other side of his booth and he placed it in my hands I asked him the price he told me the price I had just enough to buy it an extra magazine, cheap holster and 4 boxes of ammo. That was the one and only booth I visited that day. I was broke but I had my dream gun so there was no reason to stick around plus I had ammo that was ‘burning a hole in my pocket’. the first box of ammo I had 3 failure to ejects. I placed a call to the guy I bought it from and was instructed to break it in. He was exactly right after that first 200 rounds I had almost zero failures. I loved that pistol and it will always be my first love (as far as firearms go).

I tell you this story because when my wife told me we were going to have a baby I felt like I needed to protect them so I signed up for ccw class that same week. I had gone to a local gun club that was certified to give the required class. I went down to the class and there I was with my full size 1911 cheap holster and one extra magazine in my front pocket. To think back I know that instructor must have thought ‘look at this guy’. He looked down on my side and looked back up to me ans said “you really need to take this class with the firearm you plan to conceal carry”. In my head I thought ‘this guy doesn’t know who he’s talking to’. “This is what I’m going to conceal” I told the instructor. As he turned his head to walk off I heard him say “tell me in a year how long that lasted”.

He turned out to be exactly right after the first month I started leaving the 1911 at home. It came to the point where I didn’t even feel like a concealed carry permit holder. I knew if I was going to carry I needed to buy a firearm that was lighter. After about 8 months of concealed carry I had a friend that owned a Glock 26 (baby Glock) I wasn’t impressed with the 9mm but I tried it and really liked it. I did a horrible thing, I traded a colt 1911 and a few bills for a baby Glock and a full size Glock 17. The thing that is really good about the 9mm is the low recoil (makes it easy for my son and wife to shoot). Also the price of 9mm ammo. I carried the Glock 26 for 10 years and in 2010 I traded my Glocks in for the new generation Glocks in 40 caliber. I thought it would be a great compromise between the 9mm and the 45 caliber.

I owned the Glock 27 and a Glock 23 for one year. I noticed two things, I wasn’t shooting as much and my ammo bills were going up. I believe that you must practice with the equipment you plan to use. I have gone through so many different types of holsters (at least 30).  I found myself thinking about how much ammo I would use to practice. It dawned on me. This is not working. 2 weeks later I had traded my 40 cal Glocks for one Glock 26 and one Glock 19.

I know this has been a long-winded story to get to this point. In my opinion the 9mm works best for me and my family. It allows me and my family to practice more and really stock up on ammo. I have all the equipment to reload 9mm if need be. One thing I like about it is 9mm is very common and can be picked up at just about any location where ammo is sold. Also it is a NATO round so that may come in handy. If I wasn’t a prepper and only felt that I needed a couple hundred rounds at any one time, I would have stuck with the 40 caliber. To me it was a great compromise and one that really works. But as a prepper I feel that  it is hard to beat a 9mm for a handgun cartridge. If money was not in the equation then I would have 40 caliber but money is a factor so in my family we have decided to go with 9mm. I have never ever had to pull my firearm and I pray I never will. There have been times when I felt glad I did conceal carry and those times have really taught me what situations to avoid. I would really like to hear what you guys use and why. Thank you for your time. Live for today and Prep for tomorrow. PN


~ by preppernation on April 8, 2012.

4 Responses to “9mm, 40 or 45 caliber”

  1. Good story! I too am a Glock convert, I used to use single actions 4 competitive pistol shoots and finally tried my buddies glock .40 and I got hooked and bought a model 23(compact) for CCW and competitions. I own a bunch of different handguns for different purposes, but my Glock is my go to handgun and I am dying to have money for a 10mm Glock for open carry and predators. i live very remote and currently carry a Taurus raging bull 44 mag for bears and such and it is heavy.

    One of my favorite design characteristics of the Glock is it’s high grip which lowers felt recoil. Also no manual safety to worry about. I have seen many shooters forget to lower that safety in competition, which led me to think about high stress self defense issues.

    • I love the glock for not putting a safety on their guns.how many times do you see someone at the range forget to take the safety off before pulling the trigger and during high stress i want no safety. thank you for your comments.

  2. For many years I carried a Bersa Thunder Pro 9mm which held 17 rounds in the mag but over the past year I’ve switched to the Smith & Wesson M&P 45 which holds 10 rounds in the mag. Lately I prefer the 45ACP round to the 9mm Luger round.

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